About Piper

Driven to Deliver Results

Who We Are

Piper is a niche human capital solutions and consulting firm specializing in the deployment of best-in-class services and staffing solutions within the IT Infrastructure, Software Applications, Business Analytics, Information Security, Clinical and Life Sciences arenas.  Our services are focused on delivering results by partnering with our customers to build, integrate, and support mission-critical systems and applications.  Our consultants assist in the development and implementation of secure and efficient solutions.

The management team at Piper has significant hands-on experience both staffing and managing technology programs.  This blend of supplier-side and program management knowledge provides us a unique perspective allowing for a truly consultative approach with our customers.  The team understands the enterprise needs and objectives of both the customer and vendor as well as the challenges they face to deliver business results.  

From technical recruitment to comprehensive managed services, we are able to save our clients valuable time and resources while providing job seekers an expertly-guided transition to further their careers in these fields.  At Piper, we target both passive and active job seekers in order to provide our clients access to the best talent on the market.  With our team of driven professionals we are committed to adding long term value.

Why Piper?

Our leadership team is comprised of individuals who experienced success at multi-billion dollar organizations and chose to take on the risk of building a company from the ground up with a focus on people.  The people are the ones that make great things happen.  We are experts in building teams and maximizing their output.  Not only have we achieved this service for our customers, Piper's success demonstrates our ability to build and develop high performing teams with great individuals.  

The Piper Promise

Partnering with Piper, We Promise to...

Listen First and Understand

  • We will take the time to ask the questions that help us understand your business
  • We will align your goals and expectations with our efforts
  • We will bridge any gaps between your company’s offerings and the market demand

Trustworthy and Transparent

  • We will establish clear and open lines of communication
  • We will provide insight into our recruiting process and how we prioritize opportunities
  • We will request and provide honest and constructive feedback

Efficient and Effective with your time

  • We will manage expectations at all times
  • We will ensure rapid delivery of candidates with a focus on quality over quantity
  • We will be passionate and proud about our performance, our reputation is everything

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