Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

We support some of the largest Clinical Research Organizations enabling them to deliver results from site to submission.

Past Performance for Successful Outcomes

Biotechnology and clinical trials remains a very labor-intensive business requiring the hiring and retaining of dedicated, passionate and caring healthcare professionals.  Our team has experience building networks within these tightly knit groups of professionals, identifying the right mixture of expertise and culture fit for various positions with our clients.  Our value is in quickly delivering qualified and experienced candidates who can immediately add value to a project, study or trial.

Resources and Personnel

We offer customized human capital solutions, specialized consulting and recruitment services covering a wide range of biotechnology programming, operations, and R&D skill sets.  The demands of our customers vary, so our focus is to understand the critical aspects of each customer and project, allowing us to be ‘ahead of the curve’ when you need it most.

  • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)
  • Project Management
  • Safety/PVG Specialization
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Study Management
  • Investigation Personnel
  • Consultant Nursing
  • Clinical Trial Leadership
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Communications Specialty
  • Sample Coordination
  • Laboratory Staffing

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