Data Management

Data Management

We provide support to organizations of all sizes endeavoring to gather, analyze, model and protect their data.

Past Performance for Successful Outcomes

We have assisted multiple organizations by providing personnel to manage one of their most valuable assets – the data.  From the analytical solution providers and platform development firms to the end-user clinical research and development companies who benefit from the advances in data technologies, we provide the talent to deliver the most accurate submissions possible.  In addition to a firm footprint in traditional Data Management, our expertise in the arenas of business analytics and data warehousing technologies – specifically big data platforms, has allowed us to support our life sciences customers with more than just operational talent.

Resources and Personnel

We offer customized human capital solutions, specialized consulting and recruitment services covering a wide range of biotechnology programming, operations, and R&D skill sets.  The demands of our customers vary, so our focus is to understand the critical aspects of each customer and project, allowing us to be ‘ahead of the curve’ when you need it most.

  • Clinical Data Management
  • TLF Development
  • Data Quality
  • Technical Data Management
  • SOP Development
  • Data Architecture
  • ETL Development
  • Clinical Data Auditing
  • Data Integration Development
  • EDC Development
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Governance

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