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The success of your business is dependent on having the right team in place. At Piper we understand every business is different, so we are agile in our approach to help your team reach optimal performance. We have a proven track record delivering high-quality talent when you expect results.

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As a client, we will be your true business partner. We are committed to quality and focused on delivering results that drive long term value. Our clients trust us to deliver premier talent nationwide.

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Our rigorous customer engagement process assures results in addressing a variety of people-centered challenges. Whether it is helping teams reach maximum performance through comprehensive managed services, directly recruiting permanent employees, or staffing projects on a contract or contract-to-hire basis, our engagement process delivers results we are proud of.

  • Contract Services
    We provide technical resources on a contract and contract-to-hire basis augmenting our clients’ staffing needs. Whether a sudden surge or long term project, we are able to on-board the right people rapidly.
  • Direct Placement
    We focus on working closely with our clients to fully understand their technical requirements and assist in growing their permanent employee base. Our tenured recruiting team is dedicated to understanding our clients’ culture and long term vision.
  • Professional Services
    We balance objectives, manage risks, and overcome constraints to successfully complete project milestones, KPIs, SOW deliverables, and business objectives on-time and within budget.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    We provide on-premise and off-premise recruitment support with a focus on improved time-to-fill, increased candidate quality, and additional flexibility/scalability, all while managing our team to verifiable metrics.
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP/VMS)
    We implement MSP solutions that add value by creating a single point of contact for invoicing and supplier management which streamlines communication, optimizes supplier performance, reduces spend, and increases the ROI for your contingent labor program.
  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
    We take a macro-level view of your talent acquisition program and identify improvement strategies for increasing talent acquisition program performance, streamlining staffing supplier management, and establishing a results driven recruiting culture.