Protect Yourself From Online Employment Scams

Piper Companies and its affiliates, Zachary Piper Solutions, and ZP Group, want you to be aware of fraudulent conduct that can affect you when searching for employment. 

We have seen a marked increase in the number of impersonators and fake job posting across major social media outlets to include Facebook (Meta), LinkedIn, and similar services.  These impersonators claim to represent legitimate companies but the jobs they offer do not exist. They are not employees or agents of the companies they claim to represent.

To protect yourself from online employment scams, you must verify persons and information independently of the contact details or information provided either through the opportunity or by the person contacting you.

Piper Email Address Information

A verified email address of a Piper employee will have one of three following domains: 

1. “
2. “”
3. “”
  • These domains will always be found after the “@” symbol, such as “” or “”.
  • The only email extension we use is “.com”.
  • Never would we contact you from an email address with the company name before the “@” symbol.
  • We will never contact you from a generic email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or any other email provider.


Piper Companies will never solicit money from you – we do not require any form of payment from candidates/job applicants. We will never require that you provide us with your personal financial data such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

If you are uncertain regarding the validity of a communication/job opportunity, take the steps below:

Our team will quickly assist you and connect you with the right person who can confirm whether the opportunity offered to you, or the person you’ve been communicating with is valid.


Piper Companies and its affiliates, Zachary Piper Solutions, and ZP Group, are not responsible for fraudulent job placements or impersonators. These people are not our agents, employees, or otherwise associated with us in any way. We will report criminal conduct when it is made known to us.